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About Redbox

Redbox Technologies is a website design and development agency located in both Charleston, SC and Atlanta, GA. Since 2004, we have created web-based applications, corporate identities and marketing campaigns to produce highly functional and valuable experiences for our clients and their customers. We specialize in a wide variety of technologies used not only to develop and optimize functionality but also to impress with style. Putting the focus on good design and the "little things" is what we think separates us from other application and web design firms. We are proud of this approach and our dedication to it.

Our mission is to provide software and services unmatched in the industry by going beyond what’s required. We are focused on providing practical and affordable solutions to companies of all sizes. Through integrity and dedication, we strive to provide value in our web development services software and are committed to delivering outstanding results.

Redbox Technologies helps businesses grow profitability, increase efficiency, and control risks, by providing information technology consulting and development services.

If you need website work, then you have come to the right place. We have an experienced development and design team located in both Charleston, South Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia that can provide high quality work at internationally competitive prices. Our team is specialized in (but not limited to) the PHP programming framework giving us the ability to create powerful, stable, robust, and inexpensive systems utilizing available open source technologies. Our team is also comfortable in programming languages like: CGI, ASP, and others. Redbox Technologies uses only cutting edge web technology like CSS 2.0 web design to create dynamic and extremely flexible systems.

A Redbox Technologies Project Manager will work with you to build and refine your project requirements and create detailed specs that define exactly the system you want to develop. Our development and design team will quickly go to work on implementing the specification and work closely with you to ensure the end result is truly exceptional.

Our team can handle development on an existing system, building and migration from one system to another, or build an entire system based solely on your concepts. Make sure you get the most value out of your investment. You owe it to yourself to contact Redbox Technologies before starting any web project.

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