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Refund Policy

At Redboxtechnologies, it is believed that all consumers are to be provided with its wide range of services with a maximum and complete satisfaction. For this reason, Redboxtechnologies is providing a convenient refund policy for ensuring the achievement of consumer satisfaction. We recommend our consumers to contact us before requesting for a refund in case of experiencing any inconvenience. It is appropriate to go through our refund policy before applying for receiving a refund. Our refund policy is stated as follows:

If you have faced any dissatisfaction even after receiving more than two revisions or modifications of your orders, you are entitled to report a detailed complaint to Redboxtechnologies by contacting us through phone or email. In this case, we will:

  • Assign a new programmer from our proficient panel of programmers to complete your orders if it is believed that the order can be delivered within the specified deadline.

  • Offer a customer a refund if it is believed that the order cannot be completed within the provided deadline.
It is our sole discretion to offer a refund to customers in the event that a minor delay or error is detected in the order delivered to customers because such issues are insignificant to give a complete refund in such cases. For this reason, you can negotiate with us and request a discount or compensation for inconvenience.

If your credit card is credited twice, we ensure that the erroneous credited payment is reimbursed to you on immediate basis.